The IoBM Alumni Network expects active support of all Alumni for its various activities.

  • Get involved:
    IoBM Alumni Members have a broad understanding of IoBM Alumni Members have a broad understanding of IoBM’s present and future needs for which they can volunteer their time to a range of activities and programs. Each member may get engaged with the Alumni Network Programs as per their interest and competence.
  • Be consistent:
    Demonstrating a consistent commitment to the Alumni Network starts with becoming an active Alumni Member and Continues with taking even the smallest volunteer role seriously.
  • Stay visible:
    Developing strong relationships with fellow Alumni Members and IoBM’s Management will help ensure your efforts are noticed and recognized.
  • Offer expertise:
    Active membership role requires team players and strategic thinkers. Leverage your unique skill set as well as your connections as you put your competence to work on behalf of the Alumni.(If you would like to learn more about this opportunity please contact the IoBM Alumni Department or email